Outline of Association

Name of the cooperative association
Business Network Human Cooperative (BNHC)
Head Office
Yamato Bldg., 1-1-7 Kanda Izumicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0024, Japan
TEL:03-6435-7268 FAX:03-6435-7352
22nd May 1999
Business content
  • 1. Joint purchasing of products handled by association members.
  • 2. Joint purchasing of materials and raw materials necessary for the business of the association members.
  • 3. Provide education and information to improve the management and technical improvement related to the business of the partners or spread knowledge on cooperative association.
  • 4. Business matters other than the preceding items.
Affiliated organization
Japan International Training Corporation Organization (JITCO) Supporting Members
Representative Director
Michiyo Furusawa

Characteristics of our association



A service that you can use with confidence

Sri Lanka
“KIZUNA International”, the sending organization of Sri Lanka, was co-founded by Michiyo Furusawa, the president of BNHC, and a Sri Lankan graduate from University of Tokyo, with 10 years working experience as an engineer to a famous Japanese major electronics manufacturer. KIZUNA International is a government trusted company, which holds various events in Sri Lanka and also holds Japan Expo in Sri Lanka every year. Many ministers came to this event and we received much trust from the Sri Lankan government.

We corporate with a healthcare school in Myanmar with more than 15 years of experience in sending technical trainees overseas. There are over 300 people who have registered at the school so far. They have built a support system with Tokyo, Nagoya, Gunma, and Osaka.

We have so many professional staff who have long experience in Vietnam. They provide training camps for technical trainees. We introduce excellent trainees with not only good job skills but also high Japanese ability.

China has strengths in the nursing industry. We introduce technical trainees who have nursing licenses in China, to nursing homes in Japan. Of course, we also introduce technical interns fluent in Japanese in various fields.



Support for companies and trainees

Local staff who can speak fluent in Japanese will be involved in education and will do the interpretation at the time of entering the company (explanation of training, safety education etc). Apart from that, other life support will be provided for the security of both companies and trainees.
Business Network Human Cooperative provides training and working opportunities in Japan for young, hardworking and fully motivated individuals from Vietnam.

① Business Network Human Cooperative would be an important link between overseas and Japan.
② Business Network Human Cooperative will always support international trainees who want to practice in Japan.

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