Becoming a regular member

Eligibility for entry
82 job types 146 work (as of February 25, 2020)
Please refer to the homepage of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for details.

Flow of the Technical Intern Training Program



Technical Intern Training (i)(a), (b)


2 months at implementing organization (individual enterprise) or supervising organization (No employment relationship)

Practical Training

Implementing organization conducts training.
*Supervising organization type: visiting guidance, inspection by supervising organizations

Change or acquisition of status of residence

Technical Intern Training (ii)(a), (b)
Job categories: for which there are needs in sending country and for which official skill evaluation system is prepared (80 categories, 144 operations) (as of February 8, 2019)
Eligibility: Trainee who passed theory & practical exam of evaluation exam (equivalent to National trade skill testing basic 2nd level)

Back to home country

Those who are not switching to Technical Intern Training (iii)

Back to home country temporarily (more than 1 month )

Those who are switching to Technical Intern Training (iii)

Change or acquisition of status of residence

Technical Intern Training (iii)(a), (b)
Job categories: same as that of Technical Intern Training (ii)
Eligibility:Trainee who passed practical exam of evaluation exam(equivalent to National trade skill testing 3rd level)
Supervising organization & implementing organization: an organization which satisfies certain definite conditions and is recognized as excellent.

Back to home country

Completion of Technical Intern Training Program

Required documents for application

• Technical Intern Trainee Application Form (Job Posting)
• Brochure & Company profile
• Certificate of business registration
• Last year’s financial statement
• Official documents that can confirm the number of employees (approximate labor insurance premium statement, settlement declaration etc.)
• Photos that can prove work status
• List of currently accepted technical intern,
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