Technical Intern Trainee Program


Purpose of Technical Intern Training Program

Developing countries have potential needs for acquiring advanced skill, technology and knowledge.
This program aims to transfer those technology to the trainees who have responsibility for their own country future development. And his program also plays a part in terms of international cooperation and contribution for Japanese government.

Merits of accepting organization

Internal activation
We will employ foreign trainees who are coming to Japan with a dream of developing knowledge and new skill in Japan.
Therefore, you can expect overall employee morale would be increased by accepting young trainees with full of passion.
International Contribution
After completing 3 or 5 years of practical training in Japan, they will be able to contribute to the development and economic growth of Vietnam by utilizing their experience in Japan.
Specified Skilled Worker Program
Due to revision to the Immigration Law, a new status of residence called "Specified Skilled Worker” has been established.
After the technical intern training program is finished, trainees with special skills or knowledge can turn into Specified Skilled Workers and work in specified industry fields.

Method of accepting foreign technical intern trainee

We will request job offers and interviews from the sending organization of the desired country through the union.
The trainees receive Japanese language education at the sending organization, enter the country within 4 to 5 months after the interview. And they will receive training (knowledge on life, manners, etc.) and will be assigned to company.

Recruitment Procedure


System explanation & Requirements etc.

Foreign Technical Intern Training Program contains various matters such as preparation, conditions and other requirements. We appreciate if you could read and understand the details of this program in advance.



We will talk with trainees, listen to their needs, create documents, prepare for the interview and apply to Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT).
(Although this application should be done by accepting company, our association will support doing it.)


Local interview
(30 to 40 days after application)

 A person in charge of accepting company will visit host country in order to conduct an interview. (Afterwards, the practical training for trainees will be held for 2 to 4 months in Vietnam.) If you request, you can have an interview with SKYPE.


Execution of employment contract & Preparation of application form

Our association will create documents for application to Immigration Bureau in cooperation with other company.


Certificate for Acknowledgement of Eligibility Application
Application for Immigration


Issuance for Certificate of Acknowledgement of Eligibility
4 to 5 months after submitting the application


Entry and the lecture will start
5 months after application


6 months after application


Course after entering Japan

Before an intern trainee enters Japan and is assigned to a company, supervising organization must supervise and carry out statutory courses. The course (Japanese language education, life guidance, etiquette, law, etc.) will be held for one month. We perform the course within our partner facility in Japan.

Job category

Accepted job category
82 job types 146 work (as of February 25, 2020)
Please refer to the homepage of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for details.
Period of Intern Training Program
The program is basically for 3 years. But it can be extended for 5 years depending on the trainee’s request and what training level they have.

Number of people accepted

There are acceptance limits for the number of people in accepting interns. The number of people accepted per year will vary depending on the number of full-time employees of the company.

Number of foreign technical interns accepted

Number of full-time staff (full-time employees)
Annually accepted number of people
30 or less
3 trainees
Between 31 and 40
4 trainees
Between 41 and 50
5 trainees
Between 51 and 100
6 trainees
Between 101 and 200
10 trainees
Between 201 and 300
15 trainees
301 or more
5% of the total number of full-time employees

Homepage of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

For example, if the number of full-time employees is 30 or less, three people can be accepted in the first year. Three new people can be accepted in the next year. Three new people can be accepted each year so the total number of trainees will be nine in the third year.

Requirements for acceptance

Allocate technical intern training coordinator (full-time staff with more than 5 years’ experience) (example: department manager etc.)
Allocate daily life adviser (example: chief of General Affairs Department)
Joining social insurance (in case of a corporation)
※ In case of a private business owner, it is OK with the National Health Insurance and National Pension.
Arrangement of dormitory & Preparation of essential necessities (Even second-hand). The dormitory fee can be billed to the interns within the actual cost range.

Acceptance Fee

One-time expenses incurred in accepting intern trainee

Cooperative expenses (investment etc.)
Local interview travel expense
Two to four months of training cost for interns in Vietnam before entering Japan.
Course fee (training cost and accommodation fee) in Japan one month after entry.
Seminar allowance (Living expenses during the course)
Immigration expenses (Application for Status of Residence)
Medical examination fee
National Trade Skills Test fee (when moving to the second year)
Technical Intern Training Program insurance
JITCO Annual fee
Round-trip air ticket & Domestic transportation expenses
Initial dormitory / company housing fee

Monthly amounts

Trainee wage(Social insurance is included.)
Supervision fee(expenses paid to association and sending organization)

Business Network Human Cooperative provides training and working opportunities in Japan for young, hardworking and fully motivated individuals from Vietnam.

① Business Network Human Cooperative would be an important link between overseas and Japan.
② Business Network Human Cooperative will always support international trainees who want to practice in Japan.

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